Friday, March 23, 2018

A Day Out with Mini at the Southport Quilt Show

 Mini and I had a day out yesterday at the Kenosha Public Museum.  Each year the Southport Quilt Guild has their quilt show there.  Yay for free!
 I didn't really take a lot of pictures.  They hang all the quilts in one large conference room.  Utilizing the walls and ceiling.
 Above was one of Mini's favorites.  The soft colors and simple squares really drew her in..
 Great thread painted dog surrounded by other nice quilts.
 This was a stunning piece!

 There were pieced and applique challenge quilts that could be voted for favorites.  The participants rolled a die for a number to get them started.  There was also a number fabric they had to use.  The above person rolled a "one".
 This one rolled a "three". 
 One of the few shots Mini took that wasn't blurry.  The large quilt in the back must be at least king size!

 The museum has a nice collection of Molas that are displayed in a stair well. 
 They feel so close to quilts.

 Don't let the sun fool you.  It was cold and windy, especially down by Lake Michigan. Not feeling terribly spring like here in WI, yet.
And yes, we went out with Mini as a cat. 
Next post I'll share some of the art work from the local schools in the area. 

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Really Random Thursday 3.22.18

 First up, some Gridster Bee blocks.  The baskets are for Elizabeth at Occasional Piece Quilt.  She was the Queen Bee for February.  She sent us the food fabric and we did the rest. 
March blocks were for Marsha   She asked for red, white and blue with eyes toward a patriotic quilt.  The blocks are made up of half square triangles.

 I put some fun patches on two pairs of Mini's leggings. 

 This is a quilt top that I finished up as a leader/ender project.  It will go toward Operation Snuggles once I get it quilted.  The center green blocks came from a lady at church. 

 Saw this delightful tombstone on my walk the other day.  I don't know the family - but I appreciate their passions!  I find the cemetery a lovely and quiet place to walk while my kids are at their violin lessons.
Joy!  I finished the quilting on my 2017 Temperature Quilt.  I have lots of threads to bury and a binding to attach, then I'll be able to share the finished quilt. 

And in completely non-sewing news, I found a stray mama cat in our barn this past Sunday.   Actually the dogs found her, I never would have on my own.  She has found a narrow spot between the outer sheet metal wall and an inner wooden half wall.  The first day I gave her a couple blankets, the next day I added a couple more to try to warm up her nest.  It is not where I would have chosen to have kittens.....  Yes, I've fed and watered her, too.  At this point its really all we can do.  She is a friendly cat.  Purrs and lets us scratch her head a bit.  I know she's eaten, but shes a good mama and always with the kittens when we check on her.  There is a bit of a question of how many kittens.  4 or 5.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Really Random Thursday 3.1.18

March Already!!

I know I really haven't written any blog posts lately.  I haven't really had much to share.  I'm barely sewing lately, the family has been busy, and will continue to be busy, and I don't want to do lame made up content.  At least I can do some randomness.

 I made homemade granola.  It barely lasted a week. 
 We went to the Mitchell Park domes on Saturday so a couple of kids could take photographs for a competition.   This is a view looking up inside one of the domes.
 Was waiting in the car for a kid and noticed thread on my skirt.   Story of my life.
 One of my beehives is still doing OK here in early March.  That makes me hopeful that I've managed to overwinter one.  We're not in the clear yet, and I've been feeding them, just to help things along.  We've had a couple of warm days, so they've been out and about.  They do what is called a "cleansing flight"  aka Poop flight. 
 Mina and I stopped for a Jimmy John's lunch - her favorite and the first one in a while.  She ate her WHOLE sandwich. 
 I really like green tea lattes (matcha)  They aren't very pretty, though.
 Yesterday was gorgeous for a walk.  Took this picture of a barn cat from one of the nearby farms.  Such cool coloring. 
And, the sewing that I have been doing is secret sewing.  So yeah, I'm lame.  I've got two quilts basted waiting to be finished, so soon, hopefully.  And I'd like to get my On Ringo Lake top pieced, too.  Not enough hours in the day.....

Monday, February 19, 2018

New to Me Quilt Tops

I wanted to share some fun finds from going through my friend's mother's sewing/quilting items.
This bag!  Not sure how old it is, I consider it vintage Joann.  All the stuff for the project was in there.  Classic PIGS (project in grocery sack)

A really nice set of acrylic Hexagon templates.  I think these may have been custom made. 

And four quilt tops.  This quilter was very experienced.  These are all expertly pieced.

I will probably finish or have these finished for charity quilts.  Our guild has a number of quilt requests this year. 

Friday, February 16, 2018

Family Friday 2.16.18

A couple weeks ago was observation day at ballet for Mini.  All the shots were blurry - on the move!  We just love her studio.  The instructors are phenomenal.  E used to dance there as well.
Last weekend Si asked to start learning to sew.  I sat him down with read thread and note cards.  I read somewhere it teaches them to start sewing in a straight line. 
Of course WP had to try, too.  Mini also tried - on my lap, with me running the foot pedal.
They all did pretty well.  The biggest problem teaching them to sew?  Takes away from my time to sew! ;)

The last two weekends have been basketball tournaments at school.  WD is here taking his free throw.  His team got 2nd for the tournament. 
The little dude in orange considers himself "the manager"  His older brother is on the team.

I made King Cake for Fat Tuesday.  Yum.  I used this recipe *here*  My colors are non-traditional, but I did hide a baby in a piece!
Mini has been asking to squeeze her own orange juice.  I finally remembered to buy "big" oranges, as opposed to clementines.
I caught Mr. Riley napping - with a friend.