Monday, September 25, 2017

Mini's Ladybug Dress McCalls 5033

 It's been a couple of months since I actually made this dress for Mini - but you know, that whole sitting down and blogging thing.
We were in the Hobbit Lobby and she spied the fabric - pulled the bolt down all by herself and asked for it.  I said sure and got two yards.  On the way home the crying started.  She didn't understand why it wasn't a dress NOW!  Why couldn't we go home and she could put it on.  Heart rending sobs by the time I parked the car and went in the house.

She was mollified a bit when I pulled out the patterns and she picked one.  She asked all the time when I was going to work on it.  Like every couple of hours.
When I finally got around to cutting it out, I didn't have enough (of course)  so back to the store. I went to a different location of Hobby Lobby and you can see the difference in the fabric printing. At least they look the same on the front.

She loves the dress and wears it regularly.

 And its great for spinning with a big circle skirt.

Friday, September 22, 2017

The Ultimate Geek Quilt - A Finish

*Very Photo Heavy Post*

Urban Dictionary Definition 6: Geek: The term now enjoys a special status within the technical community, particularly among particularly knowledgeable computer programmers. To identify oneself as a "geek" indicates a recognition that most people still consider programming computers to be a bizarre act, along with a certain fierce satisfaction in being very good at their inglorious profession. 

Miriam Webster: Geek: 3:an enthusiast or expert especially in a technological field or activity 
  • computer geek

It seems that I am able to complete one large quilt a year.
Here is this years' quilt: The Ultimate Geek Quilt

This quilt has been many years in coming.  Its probably been at least 5 years ago that I first thought of making it for my husband.  I thought it would be great to collect images of the cartoons/movies/games/comics that he enjoyed as a kid and an adult.  I started a running list of things that had a graphic, easily recognized image that didn't require words to identify (for the most part).

The quilt also had a working title for a long time.  Mostly going by "D's quilt" or "the symbols quilt".  Finally I settled on Ultimate Geek Quilt, embracing the definition that geeks are enthusiasts, especially about games and technology.

I will give you the details of the quilt here at the beginning of the post, and then if you wish to scroll through the individual blocks - you may at your leisure.  I will label them all.

The solids are all Kona Cottons, and you will notice it has a pretty limited color palette.  I discarded any thing that was too complicated or too colorful (e.g. Buck Rogers).  Everything is fusible, raw edge applique.  All sewn down with a machine button hole stitch.

The sashing fabric is 1s and 0s, and the cornerstones are USB plugs, an homage to Mr. Riley's computer/technology work.

The backing is a flannel that I got from Connecting Threads. I did preshrink the backing, even though I didn't preshrink anything else.  Flannel is just so unpredictable in it's washing/shrinking.

The batting is the Tuscany Wool from Hobbs.  Mr. Riley firmly believes quilts should be big enough to cover a person and warm.  The quilt is pretty heavy - here's hoping for a cold winter.  It measures 80" x 92".   Big enough to cover Mr. Riley (and our bed if it ends up there).

All the threads used were Aurifil.  You all know I'm a fan.

A nice shot of the backing and quilting.  I out lined all the symbols - not always completely - and then did horizontal squiggles.  I have a tendency to over quilt things, and I wanted this to be a soft and snuggly quilt, so I tried not to quilt too much.  On the other hand, the wool can't be quilted too far apart.

Over the summer I declared that I was going to FINISH this thing, so I found myself pool side in the 80s binding a wool and flannel quilt.

And so it is totally finished.  It even has a label and a sleeve as I'm planning to enter it in a quilt show in October.

Now for the individual blocks themselves.  If you follow me on Instagram, I was sharing them as I finished up the quilting of each.  That's why there are lots of threads in the pictures waiting to be buried.

Battlestar Galactica
G.I. Joe
Viper (Battlestar Galactica)
Vulcan (Star Trek)
Captain America
Colonial Symbol (Battlestar Galactica)
Viper Gold Squadron (Battlestar Galactica)
Cylon Base (Battlestar Galactica)
D&D (original symbol)
The Empire (Star Wars)
Autobots (Transformers)

The Rebel Alliance (Star Wars)
Decepticon (Transformers)
Klingon (Star Trek)
Star Trek
Jedi Order
Boba Fett (Star Wars)
Mum-ra (Thunder Cats)
Cobra (G.I. Joe)
The Borg (Star Trek)
Boba Fett (Star Wars)

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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Rummage Sale Loot

 Most years, my local quilt guild holds a rummage sale at our summer picnic/potluck meeting.  Generally there is a $1, $3, and $5 table, plus silent auction for larger/more valuable items.  Some things I picked up this year (even though I always say I'm not going to spend any money).

Swim suit fabric.  I will try to make one for Mini next year.  And, this was actually free!!

 An entire bag of flannel Christmas fabric plus a pattern for just $5.  Woo hoo.  (now to get it done...)
 Picked up a bag pattern, why not?  Those fabrics, though (shudder).
 Just a few fabrics.  I've already used three out of this pile.
 Someone had donated a half done, plus pieces, stack and whack.  I have an idea for finishing this one in an unusual way.
 Some lonely paper pieced star flowers I needed to rescue.

And just for fun - these are 100+ year old hexie pavers at the building where my son has his cello lessons.