Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Elephant Stuffie by E - Simplicity 8069

 A bit of Blogging Back Load here.  This cute little elephant stuffie was made in MAY! by E.  I would never have guessed it was that long ago - but fortunately the photos store that info in them.  It must have been just after school got out and she was "bored".

He's made out of flannel.

 I had to help get those feet circles sewn on correctly.  Flannel is not my favorite to sew details with.  Just moves too much.
 I thought she'd want to make a penguin...but she chose the elephant.  Actually, as I recall now, the pieces had sat around all cut out since the Christmas before.....

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Three More Charity Quilts

 I am continuing to go through my piles to finish things.  This time I have three small quilts to share.  They will ultimately all go charity. 

This first one is a half square triangle quilt that I made with a charm square pack that I had purchased for an exchange I did a while back.  I had only used a handful of the charms.  To make this quilt even I did have to find something from a different pile of 30s fabric to make it work. 

The 30s reproduction fabrics are so fun.  Here are some of my favorites.
Hockey players and Little Bo Peep!
And the critters with the fluffy tails, are they cats or squirrels?
I did a big meander stitch for quilting - the large kind I can do around the pins.  Then I don't have to stop and take them out.
The back is a soft cotton that I think came from my mom's stash. 
Finished size: 32" x 41".  Poly batting.

 Next up is this Drunkard's Path quilt.  You may remember this from the pieces that I had used for my Grandmother's 100 bday (she's 101 now)
I did the quilting along the lines that I had made to sew down the original fabric circles.  This allowed the edges to floof a bit in the wash. 
The back is actually a cotton seersucker print. 
Finished size: 34" x 57"

 Last up is this little quilt.  It is the final quilt that I made up from the scraps from my niece's quilt.  
 Easy zig-zag lines for quilting. 

 Just a grey cotton print for the back.
 Finished size: 27" x 33".  This one has a cotton batting. 

Checking things off that list!

Monday, November 20, 2017

Two Quilted Couch Pillows: Using Batting Scraps as Stuffing

I had a couple of small quilt tops that were finished with no particular project in mind for either one, so I decided that I would make them into pillows.  In general, couch pillows drive me crazy, because they always end up on the floor.  On the other hand, I guess that means they're being used.

Here are the two pillows.  I took them outside on a gloomy day for pictures.  We've mostly been having gloomy days, it seems.

The lighthouse pillow is about 27" square, the pink patchwork pillow is about 21" square. 

They've both got enveloped backs.  The fronts and backs are lightly quilted.  This was deliberate, because I knew that I was making pillow forms with batting scraps.

I know you are wondering about stuffing with batting scraps.  I'll share how I did it. 

Here is a shot of some of my scraps.  I would say I've been saving them up for 5 or six years, based on some of the fabric that was mixed in with them.  I've gathered all types, cotton and poly, of various weights.
I laid them out on the cutting mat, no more than two layers thick and ran my 60mm rotary cutter over them, making squares roughly 1" square.  Very roughly.
Then I gathered them all up and used them to stuff the pillow forms.  Easy as pie.  I made the pillow forms with fabric that is "extra".  You know the kind that you've had forever and for some reason you have 30 yards of it...
The main question is: Are they lumpy.  The answer is: Yes.   The one on the left is much more full than the one on the right, so not as noticeable.  I washed and dried them in a warm wash and dry after stuffing them in an attempt to fluff up the batting.  It did work but they are still lumpy, but not bad lumpy.  That is exactly why I quilted the pillow cases, to counter act the lumpiness. 

If you don't like lumpy, buy pillow forms.
 Or, if you prefer, use them to make pet beds. 

 They've already gotten quite a bit of use.
 In fact one is being slept on right now after a night of fun by one of my boys.

 If you try this out for yourself, I'd love to know what you think.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Gridster Blocks Update

The good thing about having regular readers of this blog, is they ask me questions when I mention something in a post and I realize I have been remiss in keeping some things updated. 

So, the Gridster Bee. After checking my posts, the last time I talked about it here was May - because it was my month!  So let's do some catching up.

There are 12 of us participating, so a Queen Bee for each month, asking for a block or two in their chosen colors and pattern.

 In January Susan asked for New York Beauty Blocks.  You can check out her blog to see what she did with them.

 In February Sherri asked for Pineapples.  The one on the left is hers, the one on the right is mine for my sampler.

In March, Elizabeth asked for Piggies. (The top one is mine)

In April Nancy asked for block of her own design.

 In May I asked for paper pieced Bees.

Here they are all together. 
June was Mary's turn and her block was Confetti Stars

 Here is my unsuccessful first try!
July was Carol's (IG carolanngillen ) Patriotic Star

August: Debbie (IG littlebirdquilts ) asked for houses from the Moda Be My Neighbor blocks.  We each did the block corresponding with our month number.

In September Simone asked for blocks she called The Grand Tetons, which she designed herself.

For October we were actually sent the fabrics to use in the blocks by Leisa (IG leisabplocher)  Her parents had been missionaries in Africa and had collected the various fabrics for her.

November's blocks were for Lisa (IG nymblefyngers)  Bright Christmas trees on black or white backgrounds.  She is adding to a previous project.  I got these done and sent early - in September.

We have just one more month to go. 

As the year has progressed I have made a sampler block for myself in my own set of fabrics to commemorate each month's block.  It started because I knew I'd need practice for that New York Beauty block, but practice is good, and I thought a sampler would be great.  Here are my blocks so far.  I will probably make more, but I didn't want to run out of fabric until I knew what everyone was asking for.  That is why the patriotic star only has one star, not double. I'm sure I'll make more stars....