Friday, January 19, 2018

A Quick Ballet Tote for Mini

This project has really been a long time coming.  So long, I don't remember when I purchased the rhinestone applique.  This is the third year since E has danced ballet, so it was well before she quit that I would have picked it up.  (on clearance, of course)
No matter, Mini is taking ballet now, and was in need of a bag, mostly so we have a place to keep her shoes in between classes.  Gotta keep those slippers clean!  I asked what she wanted and she requested "rainbow".  I pulled out a few options for her from the stash and her first choice was the hearts.  I chose the stripes for the lining. 
And so, a small tote for Mini.  She adores it.  Took it to nap and slept with it, which is always a sure sign of approval. 
It is the perfect size for a pair of slippers, and a couple other items as well, if needed. 
Technically, since it is fully lined, it is also reversible, should she choose. 

Mini wanted to carry her stuffed animals around in it, and I had to remind her that it was for ballet, so she has now requested another tote.  This one with the stripes on the outside.  I will probably make it a bit bigger as well.

This one finished at 11" x 2" x 9"

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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Really Random Thursday 1.16.18

WP is always designing things for me to "make a quilt out of".  Yeah, like I've got all the time in the world, kid.
Above and below are a face and clouds at the Discovery Museum in Milwaukee.  Looks like 3D English Paper Piecing to me.

Mini started violin lessons.  If you are familiar with the Suzuki Method, you know they start with a box and a stick.
We did some playing in the snow on Monday.  Finally enough snow and not too cold to have fun outside.
Even Alf likes to be outside with us in the snow.  Must be all the fur.
Boys and sticks.  What else can I say?

I picked up a couple of clearance books at Hobby Lobby.  They are great for EPP inspiration.

I'm especially loving the windmill and

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

2017 Temperature Quilt

The top for my 2017 Temperature quilt is finished.  I decided to go literal as opposed to an abstract layout. 

So to that end, I labeled everything.  I think of it as an oversized Tea Towel.
Trying out some border fabrics.  I did really want to use the Elizabeth print, but it just wasn't quite bold enough to stand up to the center of the quilt.
So spirals it is.
I thought I'd run out and get a quick photo, but a flimsy on the clothes line moves with every little puff of wind.
So laid out on the frozen ground.
I've even got the back together and the label is pieced into it. It includes a key for all the temperature/colors and also days for when I traveled to other places during the year.
Binding is ready to go!
AND I cleaned out my Temperature Quilt Box.  Lots more people seem to be doing a Temperature quilt this year, and while I was sorely tempted, and had even chosen a design, I let it go.  This is supposed to be a "sabbatical year" and it would have quickly become a "have to" project.  I feel lighter already.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

What I'm Working On

 Let's start with a wee finish.  I made up this little Fred Bear ornament.  It was a kit that came with a copy of Quilt Now magazine.  Is anyone else a sucker for those "free projects" that come with the magazines in the book store.  And have you noticed, its the European magazines, not the American?
Anyway, the kit came with a pre-printed bear, the embroidery floss, the ribbon and the stuffing.  I just had to follow the directions.  I even learned the chain stitch.  E has claimed him.
Last week I finished and mailed my first Gridsterbee block of the year.  Carol is collecting pumpkins for a fun holiday quilt.  She sent us the Navy Grunge back ground so that they all coordinate.

I'm still plugging away on the On Ringo Lake Mystery Quilt.  I'm working on clue 6.  Now that its quite established that I will not be an early finisher, I'm just enjoying the process and seeing others finished versions. 
Still working on this leader/ender.  This is the biggest chunk, so far.  I'm sure I'll need to find a border to make it a more usable size.
Up next on the list: Tote bags and new covered couch pillows.  I've been collecting canvas prints from IKEA and its time to use some of them.
And while I'm making totes, I've promised a certain someone a ballet bag.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

A Flannel Christmas Quilt

Last July at our Guild's rummage sale I picked up this kit and pattern for a mere $5.  (original price at a store: $40.25)All the fabric was included, even backing!!  I couldn't pass up the deal.  My long term goal is a Christmas quilt for each bed in the house, so I figured this would help me along the way.

I pre-washed all the fabrics.  Its flannel after all, and boy does flannel shrink. 
So much that I wasn't able to get all the cuts out of each piece that the instructions called for. (unless it was meant for a smaller size than I was making - I admit, it could be user error)

Anyway, I got the blocks, and borders together.

Did a bunch of creative piecing to help make the backing.
Even including some selvedge sections.
Here is my backing laid out,
And the top.  But the story isn't over yet.  I realized that at this size it wouldn't cover a twin size bed very well, especially after quilting, so I added more borders, which meant that I had to make the backing bigger, so....It did not get done in time for Christmas.    It is patiently waiting for a day to get basted, but at this point, that will probably happen after my mystery quilt is put together.  And all that adds up to "someday".  Hopefully before next Christmas!!

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Wait for me...... A Mystery Quilt Catch-up Post

Bonnie Hunter runs a mystery quilt project each year beginning on the Friday after Thanksgiving.  This year I knew I would have the time to do it.  I was ready!  I was caught up for like 3 weeks.  And then life.  Christmas, family, etc.  The last clue was released on Jan 1.  That was final instructions and reveal day.  There are many people who are already done with their quilts, you can see them all over social media.   I am here to share my progress as of Jan 4.

Oh, if you decide that you want to do the mystery quilt, too.  You can still stop by Bonnie Hunter's blog and get the clues, but they won't be up forever!

 If you are unfamiliar with how these mystery quilts are run, Bonnie gives color guides based on paint chips, because you can pick them up pretty much everywhere across the USA.
 These top two were my initial fabric pulls.
 Bonnie asks that we not share numbers or sizes.  These were clue #1.  Lovely nine patches.
 Bonnie has her own tools, or tools she prefers, she also gives "normal" cutting directions.  I was pleased to discover that my easy angle did the job.
 Pieces for clue #2 laid out.
 My first goose.  Had to make it and measure it.
 On to the rest.

 I got a little over excited cutting strips for the next clue.  Lesson learned, cut, count, then cut some more.

 So much chain piecing.

 Pieces cut for the next clue.
 Chain piecing and pressing.

 This was the last time I was caught up.
 Things got stalled around these brown geese.  The best thing about these geese above?  They are "nearly vintage" browns I received from a dear lady at church.  Got 22 triangles out of her scraps.
 This is exactly how things looks as I'm typing this evening.
The pink on the edges is my temperature quilt that I'm also trying to finish up for 2017 while I debate about doing 2018.
This is how the fabric pull looks now.  I'm not entirely convinced that I've made a dent :0

Bonnie is a huge proponent of leaders/enders.  This is my current project.  The green squares also came from the church friend.  They were 5" pre-cut.   The cream is from a charm pack I had laying around.  Just a fun and easy 1 patch.  Ultimately destined for charity, I'm sure.